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Getting Ready for Boarding the Plane 準備登機

A -Amy Chen G - Ground Staff 

A: Hi, is this the boarding gate for flight LH 212 to Japan? 

G: It was, but the gate has been changed. Didn't you hear the announcement?

A: No. I didn't. What happened? Where should I go now? 

G: Don't worry. The flight LH 212 has been canceled due to a maintenance problem, so passengers are being re-directed to flight LH 202. The new boarding gate is gate 70. 

A: Gate 70? This is gate 10. How do I get there? 

G: Gate 70 is upstairs. Take the escalator over there to the upper floor. You will see a sign for Gate 70. Just follow the sign. 

A: Thanks. Could you tell me the boarding time? Is it still the same? 

G: No, its not. You're going to have to wait another 2 hours. 

A: OK. Then I can do more shopping at the
duty free store. 

G: Take your time. Have a wonderful journey

By TA Daphne From 觀光英語 Let's Go